Daniel Geoffrey Hodgkins

Senior Backend Engineer


Back End Developer & Technical Lead with 5+ years experience in industry; developing, collaborating and leading across microservice and monolithic architectures.


Django + Python   JavaScript ES6 + React + Redux + Jest + Cypress  CakePHP  MySQL  Git  Docker  BuildKite  Sprint Master  Technical Planning  Product Architecting


A modifiable, open-source email sorting task for research and training applications

Developed as an open source project within CybSafe to aid Bath and Bristol Spa University researchers in psychological studies. This project involved collaborating with various contractors and the researchers about requirements and outcomes. Worked with Django and React alongside heroku deployments to create the simulated environment for user interaction. My work focused primarily on the earlier stages of the project, getting a proof of concept to the consumer and making sure that it all ran smoothly in the first instance of the trial

Code First Girls Tutor


Code First Girls are dedicated to transforming tech by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become kick-ass developers and future leaders.

Completion of tutorship for two Code First: Girls courses which aim to help women to get into STEM careers through programming. Spent time as a tutor and leading lessons within the Canary Wharf Level 39 space. Worked closely with other tutors and with the students to get the best out of the course. The course inspired me to start my own initiative at CybSafe where I taught the Code First: Girls spectrum to a handful of internal staff by myself.


Nationwide (The Landlord Works)


Backend Engineer E3 (Senior)

(November 2020 - Present)

Node.js • Microservices • Django • DevOps Infrastructure as code

Backend Engineer architecture of devops infrastructure, leading the development of backend standards and delivering growth at pace while maintaining current infrastructure.

Engineer Upskilling Team members across the stack and across seniority Senior and Junior



Technical Lead

(August 2019 - November 2020)

Product Engineering • React • Django • CTO fill-in

Sprint Master involving the running, shaping and analysis of the ongoing sprint to make sure the product delivery is on track by assisting the developers with pairing and solution engineering.

Rule Setting Helping maintain platform hygiene by instigating standards such as feature flags, the culture of testing, API design, Database querying rules, component structuring and code formatting. This results in around 100 pull request reviews per month

Skill sharing Upskilling team members both Senior and Junior through onboarding new hires in our internal React and Django rules and guidelines through pair programming and continual code review. Work outside of the team includes CF:G training an 8 week crash course and leading and hosting my own internal python class

Team championing Through delivery of all hands updates and upper management meetings of team progress. Especially working closely with the product manager to ensure the delivery of features is represented well in communications and aiming to protect the developers as a resource as much as possible. Successfully ferried through the introduction of an internal hack-day upon requests from the team.



Full Stack Developer

(November 2017 ~ August 2019)

Python 3 • Django • React • CakePHP • MySQL

Legacy App Maintenance Lead the maintenance, deprecation and in situ replacement of 600,000 lines of a CakePHP application into a Django & React platform with API interactions, requiring feature flags, entirely new structures and interesting quirks presented by the old system.

Django Backend including data modelling, comprehensive integration tests and API design. Highlights include an implementation of OAuth based user validation, seamless platform switch and in house translation engine work.

React & Redux Frontend Working to outline the structural guidelines for reports pages, learning pages, our reusable components, unit testing and e2e testing through cypress and Jest. This also requires keeping on top of frontend innovation such as React Hooks and Suspense.

Bug Work Finding and fixing, from both an infrastructure and a product level, by monitoring the AWS, our sentry.io logs and inbound issues from our Customer Success team. Including helping other team members to diagnose, fix and communicate with appropriate understanding to the company.

Infrastructure Local Docker environment optimisation and health; allowing for development environments to be quick and as close to production environments as possible, working closely with Jenkins, Travis CI and BuildKite infrastructure too.



Software Development Placement Student

(July 2015 ~ July 2016)

IIB Verification Team • July 2015 ~ April 2016 - App Connect Developer • April 2016 ~ July 2016

App Connect involved working in node.js, mocha/chai/sinon, Jenkins & GitHub Wiki’s to create resilience in IBM’s, then new, cloud product.

IIB involved writing & debugging test cases in many areas with occasional production box management

STEM ambassador for Year Reception. Think.IT helper for STEM continuation to secondary school girls.


Aberystwyth University

Computer Science & Integrated Year in Industry B.Sc

(2013 - 2017) 1st Class Honours

Developing Internet Based Applications • RESTful API in Ruby on Rails

User Centred Design & Human Computer Interaction • Interface design

Machine Learning • Machine learning techniques and algorithms